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Jo .Vaillancourt Collection: The Fun-Max is created by an Avian Behavior Specialist. Parrots seen in color is well known.

With the Color Teacher from the Jo Vaillancourt Collection, you can now teach your bird to identify them. The “Color Boxes” set includes 4 cubes of identical shapes and different colors (so the bird focuses on the color and not on the shape) with removable opening on the top: The ritual of “the training period now established, it’s time for the bird to really start learning games.

The level 2 games are intended to give the bird the knowledge required to access the level 3 games (colors, shapes, numbers, skill, thinking). These are the real bridges based on learning to play. The Jo. Vaillancourt parrot learning method is a trademark of © Johanne Vaillancourt 2004. Accompanied by instructions for use


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