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When adopting your puppy, it is strongly recommended to provide as many specific accessories as possible to help your young animal:

apprehend the new home
help reduce anxiety related to the separation of mother and siblings.
Including an essential set of accessories, the puppy kit includes:

An essential cuddly toy to reduce stress.
A chew toy to meet the need to nibble.
A plaid to avoid soiling and increase comfort.
Made by the German brand Trixie, the Complete Set for Puppy is a real essential for the arrival of the four-legged friend.

Complete set for Puppy
Includes a machine washable (60°C) polyester fleece blanket
With a sturdy plush toy
With TPR chew toy
Helps relieve stress related to separation
Strongly recommended when adopting
Avoid boredom and destructive behavior
Helps with tooth wear
Grey color






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