Plush cushion cat


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The cat soft toy may be necessary as an anti-stress accessory, especially for kittens, young cats and cats living alone.

For the kitten and the young cat, the soft toy favors the expression of the social behaviors that he may have had with his brothers/sisters and thus manage the anxiety linked to lack. In addition, the accessory will reassure your young animal because of the texture that will allow it to knead like when suckling.

It has been observed that due to a lack of interaction with congeners, the cat alone may need plush in order to reduce frustration and to express certain behaviors (biting, grooming, scratching, kneading, etc.).

Plush Cousin cat
Safe natural buckwheat and barley shell filling
Sturdy polyester fabric
Impregnated with catnip (Nepeta cataria), a plant with an attractive effect for the cat which will encourage your pet to use the plush
Size: 24cm
Brown color


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