Waggling mouse to wind up


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In order to stimulate your feline’s natural instinct for hunting, it is essential to furnish its environment with suitable accessories, no matter how long your cat has access to the outdoors.

Thus, a multitude of toys are available to entertain your pet and ensure a good mental balance.

Indeed, boredom is one of the first causes of the appearance of behavioral disorder, so it is imperative that your animal has a rich and varied living environment.

Trixie’s wriggling wind-up mouse is an ideal accessory to encourage your pet to express a maximum of behaviors and thus avoid frustrations.

Waggling mouse to wind up
Cat and kitten toy
Made of strong polyester plush
Accessory ensuring stimulation of hunting in cats via a mechanism activating the toy to move forward
Toy includes catnip in the form of catnip to entice your pet to use the device
Grey color


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