White Harvey Soothing Cushion


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Sleep is an essential physiological process for regulating and repairing the body (elimination of toxins, maintenance of memorization, processing of information and learning, etc.).

The dog has a so-called “polyphasic” sleep, that is to say that it can be split into several periods of the day and night.

Insufficient sleep leads to a multitude of physical and behavioral disorders.

Thus, the choice of bedding is essential for maintaining the good health of your companion.

The Trixie brand Harvey cushion is made using high quality fabric and padding as well as a non-slip bottom for optimal comfort.
Harvey white XXL dog cushion
Extremely soft long-haired plush
Made of high quality polyester fabric
Includes a very thick padding (18 to 20 cm) of polyester fibers
Ensures great comfort for your dog
Features an anti-slip bottom
Textile removable by zipper
2 sizes available


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